Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So just last Saturday, I traveled over to Tokiwadaira in Chiba prefecture for Yan Moku's hotpot party. It was great fun, ate lots of good food, made several new friends, got to hang out with people etc.. Anyway, the most convenient way for me to get over to his place, was to take the Musashino Line. I would have to change trains twice, but I would get one long ride in the middle on the line itself, which sort of appealed to me. The line also traveled through an area which was less densely populated, which meant nicer views.

In addition, there was also a shopping complex along the line that I heard about called the Aeon Laketown. Apparently, it was pretty big, so I wanted to go and take a look and see what it was all about.

And it was really kinda huge. I've been to several large shopping complexes before, but this one takes the cake. It consisted of two large buildings that had all manner of shops and stuff. (As an aside, I'm guessing my dad was glad that my sis did not get wind of this place while the family was here). In fact, huge probably doesn't even begin to describe it. This place was massive. How massive? I was there on a Saturday afternoon, and there were throngs of people, but it didn't feel terribly crowded. That's how big.

But as my science teachers used to tell me, you need empirical data to back up your theory (unless you're dealing with theoretical physics, whereupon you can't really find said empirical data, like cats being both dead and alive at the same time). So I have kindly compiled some evidence to show just how big the place is.
  1. It needs two maps to show you the entire place. As I mentioned earlier, there were two main buildings, Kaze (wind) and Mori (forest). Both are only three stories, but they still need two maps to show you everything in side. And these aren't three panel brochures either. They're like 11 panels or something like that.

    Laketown: needs two maps

  2. It has travelators. This place is so big, you need travelators to get from one side to the other. And if you notice, there are actually two travelators. Cos one's just not enough.

    I was trying to do healthy lifestyle, so I chose to walk instead. And get these pictures.

  3. It has Krispy Kreme. Now, it's a well-known fact in Japan that only big places are allowed to have Krispy Kreme. I mean, Osaka doesn't have an outlet, and last I heard, Osaka's a pretty big place. Therefore, evidence of bigness. [UPDATE: My friend in Osaka, Joanne, just told me that Osaka now does have a Krispy Kreme.]

    Laketown: Has Krispy Kreme

  4. It has FOUR Starbucks joints. Yes, that's right. It was feasible enough for Starbucks' Management to open FOUR shops in the same mall. Needs no further explanation.

    1 Starbucks! Ahahahah (Kaze, 1F)

    2 Starbu.. 2 Starbuckses? (Mori, 1F)

    3 Starbu... 3 Starbuci? (Mori, 1F, outside)

    Aha! I got it! 4 Starbucks Joints! Ahahahah (Mori, 3F)

  5. It has a JR station named after it. Even Disneyland doesn't have a JR station to itself.

Laketown: has JR station.

So now you know too that Laketown is a pretty big place.

Laketown: pretty big

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